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What is Nightline Zurich?

Nightline Zurich is an independent help-line from students for students of ETH, UZH and other academic institutions in Zurich like ZHAW, ZHdK and PHZH.

Nightline Zurich was founded 2005 by students of ETH and UZH and is organized as a commission of VSETH and VSUZH. So far Nightline Zurich is the only Nightline in Switzerland. You want to start a new Nightline in Switzerland?  Please do not hesitate to contact us (info@nightline.ch) or the Nightline Stiftung.


What service does Nightline Zurich provide?

We support you, no matter what is concerning you! Daily stressors, fear of upcoming exams or aimless? We listen to you, provide informations about study-related matters or refer you to specialists if required.

You can reach us anonymously and confidentially during the semester from monday to friday 20.00-24.00 by phone on 044 633 77 77 and via e-mail or chat at www.nightline.ch. During semester break we are here for you via e-mail 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Who works at Nightline Zurich?

At Nightline Zurich students of different academic institutions in Zurich, semesters and disciplines are working on a voluntary basis. Right now our team consists of about 40 students of ETH, UZH, PHZ, ZHAW and ZHdK – therefore all members of Nightline Zurich know the daily hassles of student life from their own pesonal experience.


Join Nightline Zurich

You want to join Nightline Zurich? We are looking every now and then for new members who’d like to support their fellow students during shifts or as a part of Nightline board. Please note that you should be able to speak, write and understand German and/or Swiss German fluently to join Nightline Zurich. Further information here.



  • Lukas Amann:                 president                                                                                     (UZH: psychology)
  • Friederike Gehri:            vice president, exchange with other Nightlines         (ETH: pharmacy)
  • Eric Wolf:                          IT/technology                                                                              (ETH: computer science)
  • Flavia Taras                     commercial artist                                                                      (ETH: agricultural science)
  • Kerrin Weiss:                   training                                                                                          (ETH: mechanical engineering)
  • Lisa Peter:                        recruiting                                                                                      (UZH: medicine)
  • Carlota Gorosabel:       PR                                                                                                     (ETH: biology)
  • Max Biegert:                    IT/technology                                                                              (ETH: mathematics)
  • Ricarda Rosskopf:         events                                                                                             (ETH: earth science)
  • Pascal Oswald:              finance                                                                                            (ETH: mathematics)


How is Nightline Zurich financed?

As a commission of VSETH Nightline Zurich is mainly financed trough VSETH but is also financially supported by VSUZH as well as ETH and UZH. In 2016 & 2017 Nightline Zurich was additionally supported by VSZHAW.

We listen to you.

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